British Food Allergy Awareness


For all foods sold in the UK, including different cultures cuisines.

British Food Allergy Awareness wants to bring people together and serve one common goal, to help to keep you safe, while supporting each other through their journey of living with food allergies.

Helping people who visit the UK to stay safe, as many countries have different allergen laws to the UK.

British Food Allergy Awareness Core Goals

“Awareness, Information, Knowledge, Empowerment.”

If you are experiencing any reaction to a food now, please seek medical advice immediately.

British Food Allergy Awareness is about:

  • Giving information out in bitesize chunks – To give information for people with allergies so they know their rights, and other information that is helpful, this is done in bitesize information, so it does not become over whelming.
  • Giving information about people’s rights in bitesize chunks.
  • Lobbying and campaigning – Lobby and campaign areas that needs addressing associated with food allergies, to help keep people safe or make people with allergies lives easier.
  • Food recalls information – To supply information on information for food recalls, and medicine recalls (medicine only related to food allergies) British Food Allergy Awareness this is done via social media and this website.
  • Encourage people to give feedback to food industry or catering industry, whether good or bad, it makes a difference, it gives companies insight of areas that more training is required, and the valuable feedback is nice for companies and staff to feel valued for their commitment for keeping us safe.
  • Guides to help people through their journey with food allergies
  • Review of free from foods
  • To change legislation through petitions

You may be a parent, a carer, teacher, college, or university, you may have food allergies yourself, you may want to find out information because someone you know have food allergies. British Food Allergy Awareness is here for you.

Questions you might be asking:

  1. what can I eat?
  2. How do I keep myself safe?
  3. Can I eat out at restaurants anymore?
  4. Am I safe with a takeaway?
  5. Will my child be safe at school, nursery, babysitter, after school clubs?
  6. How and when do I use an adrenaline auto-injector?

There are some fantastic charities, and organisations already established, and I do not want to take away from them, British Food Allergy Awareness would like to work alongside of them.

Please note British Food Allergy Awareness is about food allergies and this website only covers food allergies.

Please note medical advice provided by a medical professional should always be sought first. The advice given is to be used at own discretion, and British Food Allergy Awareness is not medically trained.

Please explore the website and if you have any questions, if you require us to lobby on your behalf, had problems with a company, you require information, share a company that has been excellent, or need to contact for any other reason please use the contact page.

We would love to hear from you.

If you would like to find out why and how BFAA started please read My Story.

If you would like food recall alerts directly sent to your email, please use the Contact US page.

British Food Allergy Awareness is a non-profit and any funds raised are used to administrate the website and social media support currently available, and funds raised will help to continue this support. Please if you feel you could donate and help, please click on link, or visit the shop. To see more information about British Food Allergy Awareness raising funds, please go to our disclaimer page.

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To read more about British Food Allergy Awareness click on About page.

“Information and guides are not to replace the advice of your doctor or health professional.”

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Source Food Standards Agency

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