Alcohol And Allergies

Use all lists on this page in conjunction with each other and adapt where appropriate.

  1. Alcohol can influence your decisions; you might be less wary and less cautious.
  2. Salvia can remain on cups and glasses for several hours, so do not share as this can cause a reaction through cross contamination.
  3. Be aware of cocktail shakers, rinsing out is not enough, needs to be washed to avoid cross contamination.
  4. Think about what alcohol you are drinking as some drinks are filtered through seashells, egg whites, fish bladders or milk. Take your own alcohol you know that you are safe with.
  5. Alcohol can contain sulphites, nuts, wheat, rye, barley, and other allergens.
  6. Alcohol can make your reaction more severe.
  7. If you are drunk, other people might think your symptoms is because you are drunk and because you are having a reaction e.g., vomiting, flushed so on.  
  8. If you are going out as a group and there are new people, and you have not spoken about your allergies, stay with people who know you, and they know how to respond to your reaction.
  9. Do not leave your drink unattended, as the drink could be spiked.
  10. Do not take risks. When you would not normally e.g., eating foods without labels.
  11. Do not share cutlery, napkins etc, as alcohol can affect your judgement.
  12. You might kiss someone that has had an allergen, whereas normally you would ask questions.
  13. If in a bar that offers free peanuts, ask the staff politely to take away, and explain why, also ask for the table or surface to be cleaned.
  14. If in a venue that is noisy, it may be hard to convey your allergies, so it might be worth to stick to drinks that you know are safe.
  15. Do not leave your personal belonging with your adrenaline auto-injector out of sight or in unknown places.
  16. Always take your adrenaline auto-injector with you, your action plan, and wear medical ID.

Alcohol can also contain.

  1. Egg
  2. Diary
  3. Wheat, rye, barley
  4. Nuts
  5. Sulphites
  6. Fish

Alcoholic beverages, spirits and food – Trading Standards Institute Advice

Note from Barnivore

Please note that Barnivore is a website for vegan-friendly wines, and while there’s overlap with allergy-related information there and we’re happy to be able to help, the information on Barnivore shouldn’t be considered medical advice. 
We advise people with allergy concerns to use Barnivore to filter out the non-vegan wines from consideration, but it’s always prudent to reach out to vegan-friendly companies separately to ensure that specific health-related concerns are properly met.

This information is only given as guidance and not extensive. Information to be used at individual’s responsibility. Always read the label. Always seek medical advice.

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