This can be an agency, a friend, a friend young adult or extended family members but it is vital they know about your child’s allergies, symptoms, and treatment. Here are somethings to think about when you are considering a babysitter.

  1. If the person knows about allergies
  2. Introduce beforehand and maybe the babysitter can come and be with your family beforehand to see routine or any questions or training needed.
  3. Talk to several people before your child needs a sitter for the occasion and choose the one that you feel more secure with.
  4. You need to express the seriousness of the allergies and how they affect your child.
  5. Be willing to assist along the way if the childminder needs information or has questions.
  6. Always have contact details printed out and make a folder that has action plan in, food avoidance list so on. Also have a backup contact in case they cannot get hold of you.
  7. Is the babysitter trained to use an adrenaline auto-injector show them with a trainer pen– trainer pens can be ordered for free from the supplier brand of your adrenaline auto-injector (link to menu can be found below)
  8. Tell the babysitter where the adrenaline auto-injector will be stored.
  9. Does the babysitter know the signs and symptoms of allergy reaction or anaphylaxis? Also talk to them about your child symptoms but also state that no reaction is the same.
  10. Talk about babysitter not bringing in food into your residence.
  11. Speak about cross contamination.
  12. Meet babysitter with your child and discuss with them about your child allergies.
  13. Talk about washing hands.
  14. Discuss symptoms and anaphylaxis,
  15. Have safe foods ready to hand that they can give your child while you are out.
  16. Night-time babysits, if easier have your child ready in bed and already eaten, this way you would feel more comfortable going out.
  17. If your child has asthma, make sure asthma review is up to date and have a care plan.
  18. Have a folder in a bright colour with all the information in, including action plan, emergency contacts, allergens list, instructions for adrenaline auto-injector, finally keep this all updated regularly (all of these can be found on the menu links below)

These lists are guidance only, and not fully extensive, people are advised that it is the responsibility of the individual when using this information.

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