Care And Nursing Homes

When looking for a care or nursing home for yourself or for other people with food allergies, there are questions you are going to need to ask, here is a list of something you may consider asking and some things to think of.

  1.  What it the homes policy of resident’s family and friends bring the allergen into the home?
  2. Staff washing hands policy when caring and entering room.
  3. Will meals be cooked separately? e.g., when cheese is cooked it becomes airborne and contaminate food.
  4. What is the cross-contamination policy?
  5. Where will the adrenaline auto-injectors be kept?
  6. Will the staff wear fresh disposable apron upon entering room?
  7. Are the staff and kitchen trained in allergens, symptoms, and treatment?
  8. Does the establishment provide 14 allergens information? They have a responsibility like any other catering business to do so. Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU/FIR1169/2011)
  9. Does kitchen staff know about hidden allergens? E.g., curry sauces – milk
  10. Can you see the record of reaction once filled out?
  11. Do they encourage yours or your family input?
  12. If the person may lack the capacity to understand information or make choices, then the staff must comply with the Mental Capacity Act 2005.
  13. Can you have food in your room?
  14. Can you make your own drinks?
  15. What is the complaints procedure, if required? Is the manager accessible?
  16. Be aware that meal replacement drinks can have milk in the ingredients.

Allergen guidance for institutional caterers Food Standards Agency


Public Sector Catering


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Care Quality Commission

A Safeguarding Toolkit QCS

The Care Advice Line

Age UK

Age NI

Age Wales

Age Scotland

Care Sourcer

Care Inspectorate Wales

Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman

These lists are guidance only, and not fully extensive, people are advised that it is the responsibility of the individual when using this information.

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