Case Studies Get Involved

British Food Allergy Awareness would like to hear from you and about your food allergy. BFAA would use the information to help others, but no personal information would be used, and the data collected would be stored in accordance with the GDPR laws.

Questions would cover.

  1. Allergic to
  2. Age aware of symptoms
  3. Age when aware what was causing symptoms.
  4. Symptoms
  5. What can’t you eat or drink?
  6. Cutting out what positives
  7. Concerns
  8. Frustrations e.g., problems, labelling.

Please download the file below, fill in and email to (Please do not add any personal data e.g., name, address, age etc.)

Thank you for helping others with food allergies.

Data stored within guidance of GDPR, please see GDPR page for more information.

No emails will be sent to you, unless you have signed up for the Food Recalls Email Alerts

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