Catering Events/Parties

Organising and Guest


  • Weddings
  • Works party
  • Parties
  • School disco/party
  • Christmas party
  • Birthday party
  • Buffets
  • Street party
  • Anniversary


  1. Shop around for caterers that understand you or your guest’s food allergies.
  2. Check credentials of caterers, e.g., food hygiene certificates, if they done food allergy training. 
  3. Check if the caterers have liability insurance.
  4. Ask about their menu options for people with allergies.
  5. Ask about cross contamination, and how they minimise this.
  6. Discuss that you are happy with the owner’s response about allergies, how is the information conveyed to staff?
  7. If you do not feel safe with a caterer, move onto another.
  8. Will there be any other outside caterers? Ask who this will be, and can you meet them? How will the information be given to the 3rd party?
  9. Phone a week before event, check to see if any problems, with catering for your needs? This gives you time to sort any problems and clarify your needs.
  10. If travel abroad for your event, speak to the caterers, access if there is a language barrier.
  11. If having an event abroad, see if you can speak to someone who can translate for you, if the language is a barrier.
  12. You might have to explain abroad about your allergies as different countries have different top allergens. See world allergens on travel page link below
  13. Try to get a face-to-face meeting as then you know you get the message across also make sure they write it down on phone or face to face so they can check for you or they do not forget or get confused.


  1. If buffet, ask for your food to be kept separate so other guests do not get confused and it is put with other food and eaten.
  2. If a works party, make sure your allergies are discussed with the event organiser, just in case overlooked
  3. If an email/letter asking for dietary requirements make sure you fill it out and upon returning, make sure the recipient received the correspondent.
  4. Ask the host if you could talk to the caterers.
  5. If in doubt, take you own food.
  6. If the host is preparing the food volunteer your help, this way you know what food is being prepared, how it is prepared, and you can give guidance.
  7. Have something light to eat before going to the event, so if you do not feel confident about the food, you will not be hungry and be tempted to eat something.
  8. Make yourself known to staff, if present.
  9. Plan and prepare, know what you can eat.

These lists are guidance only, and not fully extensive, people are advised that it is the responsibility of the individual when using this information.

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