Child Allergies Strategy

How to involve your child

  1. Teach your child not to eat if adrenaline auto-injector is not with them or onsite.
  2. Encourage from an early age label reading.
  3. Involve your child in meetings, discussing about their allergies with people who will be responsible for them.
  4. Teach your child to seek help immediately if got symptoms of allergic reaction or feeling unwell.
  5. Teach your child to wash hands before, handling and eating foods.
  6. Teach your child not to share foods.
  7. Teach them not to share cups, bottles, eating cutlery so on
  8. Look through menu with your child.
  9. Always inform your child who is responsible for them and introduce them so if you are not with them, they know who to go to.
  10. If they have allergy alert/ anaphylaxis bands, bracelet, to wear them. The silicon alert bands are good if going swimming.
  11. They always to check labels even if an adult has done so already.
  12. Tell your child if uncertain about a food do not eat and speak to an adult.
  13. Encourage not to eat on school transport or travel by public transport.
  14. Teach avoidance strategies.
  15. Teach your child to speak to you or an adult if they are getting bullied over their allergies. Or they have been put in a dangerous situation e.g., food thrown at child.
  16. Teach them how to use their adrenaline auto-injector – training pens can be ordered free from website of brand of pen – (links are below)
  17. Be calm around your child, talk through any anxieties, yours, or your child’s, find support groups to talk to
  18. Do not let your child pick out the allergen e.g., sesame or nuts so on 
  19. Teach about cross contamination.
  20. Teach your child not to take or eat snacks given to them unless known safe, also, ask grandparents, family, and friends not to give sneaky snacks unless they know it is something, they can have.
  21. Use role play to teach your child to order food in a restaurant. You could play the waitress/waiter or chef and your child can play the customer.
  22. With older children, collect menus and go through together discussing what they might be able to order or what they could not.

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