British Food Allergy Awareness value your comments, any feedback helps us to improve our services.

Complaints will be taken seriously, professionally, and aim to resolve within 30 days.


Stage 1 – Email your concern, with the information of the complaint, name, and address.

 Stage 2 – An email will be sent to you acknowledging the correspondent you have sent.

  1. This email will include details of the person investigating the complaint.
  2. The date of investigation will start.
  3. The date you will hear from British Food Allergy Awareness to give information on the investigation.
  4. Another email will be sent if needing extra time to investigate, to give you an update on the investigation.

Stage 3 – You will receive a full response from the start of investigation. You will be given.

  1. Details of investigation
  2. A decision about the complaint.
  3. The reasons for the decision.
  4. If appropriate, a formal apology will be given.
  5. If appropriate, any help you need.
  6. If not in breach of data protection, details of action that has been taken.

If you need to Appeal

  1. Please provide appeal in email.
  2. The original evidence will be readdressed.
  3. A final decision will be made.

If after appealing you feel that your complaint was not addressed, you may wish to take further, we suggest that you refer to.

Citizens Advice Bureau

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