Dark And Vegan Chocolate Traces Of Milk.

Do they put traces of milk because they are putting on a blanket disclaimer? NO

There are several methods to clean a chocolate transfer pipe and it is the manufacturers responsibility to reduce the risk of contamination and safety of the consumer.

  • Using water cleaning the chocolate transfer pipe does not work especially with chocolate with high cocoa content. If the water encounters the melted chocolate, it can cause it to thicken and then the chocolate becomes unusable, and this is expensive for the manufacturer.
  • Manufacturers can clean the pipes by dismantling the chocolate transfer pipe and manually clean the pipe, this can time consuming and expensive for the manufacturer.
  • Companies put through another chocolate sweet through to clean the equipment and these are usually sold off as misshapen chocolates.
  • Another way is use butter, oil, or both to remove the residual within the chocolate transfer pipe.

So due to chocolate sticking to the pipe or methods of cleaning e.g., butter or oil then there is a possibility of trace amounts of milk and hence why manufacturers put on disclaimers on packaging.

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