Food Challenge At Home Tips

  1. Make sure your child is well for at least 2 weeks before start of challenge.
  2. Make sure asthma and eczema is under control.
  3. Do the challenge in a calm environment.
  4. Parent or adult supervision always
  5. Talk to your child in terms they can understand and explain to their ability what is going to happen. Explain without making child worry, that you need to know if they feel any symptoms.
  6. Allow time for your child to ask questions.
  7. Allow plenty of time.
  8. You will be given detailed information how to proceed with the challenge, read beforehand so you are aware of everything before proceeding.
  9. Stop any antihistamines being taken before challenge – depending on antihistamine it can be 48 hours or up to a week beforehand, seek medical advice about stopping and what time length prior. Discuss this with your consultant before stopping.
  10. Asthma medication should continue. Discuss this with your consultant before 2 weeks before challenge.
  11. If your child is affected by seasonal allergies, this would not be the best time to start food challenges.
  12. Make sure there is no cross contamination.
  13. If a reaction occurs, get your child to spit out the food.
  14. Research symptoms of a reaction, and how to treat, beforehand.
  15. If reaction occurs stop immediately and get the necessary medical help needed.
  16. If reaction occurs give your child antihistamines.
  17. After a reaction, watch for the next 6-10 hours as some reactions occur after food has been digested.
  18. If your child has had a reaction, stop all challenges, seek medical advice for reaction. Do not continue with challenges until spoken to allergy clinic/consultant for reassessment.
  19. If no reaction avoid exercise, and exertion for the rest of the day as this could bring on an allergic reaction.
  20. Continue school as normal.
  21. Only introduced the food into the diet your consultant advises to.

If in doubt, postpone, the food challenge can be at another time when our child is well.

Information given is to be used with individual’s discretion they are responsible for their safety; this information is not to be on its own solely and always seek medical advice.

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