Food Sales Social Media

Sellers of food on social media to show which registered local authority with on advert.

There are several businesses on social media selling sweets, cakes and food that are not registered with the local authority. These individuals who are selling food are extremely dangerous as there is no risk assessment, no hygiene courses, no training , no ingredients list, no allergens list, no insurances, so on. This undermines reputable businesses that adhere to the law and that make sure people with allergies are kept safe. Allergies can come on at any time of life and not providing ingredient lists is dangerous to people and especially those who have allergies already. Adults and children die of anaphylaxis and I would like it to be law that the people who advertise on social media have to put on their adverts who the name of the local authority they are registered with. I would also like those who do not put this information on their advert or falsify the information to be prosecuted. 

Please sign

Some of the reasons why people have signed.

We have seen all too recently what allergies can do, they cost lives. People have to register for a reason, to keep us all safe, not to be petty.

Food safey is paramount. Those who sell consumables must be registered and hold the correct certification to do so. They should be licensed and trained to the necessary standard.

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