Hospital Food

The National Health System to revaluate the catering for children and adults with food allergies, and education for staff that works on the ward kitchens.

Food allergies are difficult enough to manage on a day-to-day business but when you are ill in hospital it is much worse. Adults and children have found themselves not eating because there is nothing on the ward they can have, food has been appalling (see photos), or they have felt unsafe with the staff lack of knowledge of food allergies. All patients need to eat when ill to build up strength, this detrimental to their health and their mental health, as this can cause anxiety.

In the past family and friends have brought food in for them so they can eat safely and something that it is edible, but with covid this has made this very difficult.

Patients either adult or child should not have to rely on family and friends to supply food, we have as much rights as any other patient, yet we are being treated differently.

These are microwave meals and the choice is limited, so if in hospital for some time you will repeat every day for breakfast, every 4 days for main meals, and every 2 days for desert. 

Please sign this petition to get the government to revaluate, to provide staff training, and edible safe food.

Please Sign

Some of the reasons why people have signed.

When I was in hospital, they called a packet of crisps and some biscuits a meal. And I’d already not eaten well for days

My son has severe multiple food allergies which requires a epi pen.

My biggest issue with hospital food is its not fresh anymore. I remember as a kid the kitchens made everything from scratch. Wouldnt do any harm to go back to that. Much easier to sort allergies and I tolerances.

I’m a coeliac & when I was in hospital for 3 days to give birth, there was nothing to eat, my husband had to bring me food. I appreciate is strapped for cash, but putting patients in danger, doesn’t help matters!

I have food allergies. It is stressful enough trying to figure out what to eat when you shop, looking at labels. Hospitals should be aware of the dangers of allergic reactions.

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