Hotels/Bed And Breakfast

  1. Look for reviews for where you are thinking of staying.
  2. Plan your holiday visits, meals, hotel so on before travelling.
  3. Phone ahead before travelling and discuss your allergies.
  4. Is your destination remote? Where is the local hospital?
  5. Will your hotel room have a fridge so you can store alternative milks to have with your drinks in your room?
  6. Eating in the restaurant, eat when quieter so full attention and no mistakes can happen.
  7. Take your own travel pillow and blanket if required as you will know this has not been cross contaminated in anyway.
  8. Take your own sun creams, so on, that way you know your products are safe.
  1. Check if your adrenaline auto-injectors are in date and any other medication is in date too.
  2. Travel with hand sanitiser and wet wipes, this is if you cannot wash hands or need to clean a surface that you are not certain of.
  3. If you have asthma, have an asthma review before travelling.
  4. Speak to doctor before leaving for your holiday about how many adrenaline auto- injectors they think you might need.
  5. Have an ICE contact on your phone see links below.
  6. Do not try new foods unless you are 100% certain you know all the ingredients.
  7. Do not feel under pressure by others, do not take chances that you would not normally take.
  8. Alcohol can cloud your judgement when making choices about your allergies.
  9. Tiredness could make your food allergy reaction more severe. On holiday think about have some rest times as well.
  10. Take adrenaline auto-injectors in insulated bag so when on holiday the temperature does not affect it.
  11. Be prepared for the unexpected.
  12. Roughly plan your activities, plan your food around your activities.
  13. Bring your own breakfast food. This is the hardest meal of the day to find allergen free.
  14. Join social media groups for allergies and ask questions.
  15. Bring your own toothpaste and wash kit, some hotels offer free items in the room but unfortunately some do not have the ingredients on.

Medical ID ICE Android Google App Store

Medical ID ICE Apple Google App Store

This information is only given as guidance and not extensive. Information to be used at individual’s responsibility.  Always seek medical advice.

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