Hygiene Ratings

How do you know if it is safe for you to eat at a restaurant or takeaway with a food allergy?

There is no guarantee, but you can gauge how safe they are by their food hygiene rating. A company that cares about their food hygiene is more likely to care about food safety, but always mention your allergies, and ask questions before going to the establishment.

A company that has a rating of 1 or 0 are for whatever reason needs urgent or major improvements, then the safety is going to be worse.

Here is what each one means:

5 – hygiene standards are very good.

4 – hygiene standards are good.

3 – hygiene standards are generally satisfactory.

2 – some improvement is necessary.

1 – major improvement is necessary.

0 – urgent improvement is required.

Businesses displaying their rating sticker is voluntary, so if you need to find out, here is the link.


Using hygiene ratings is only a guide, whether a company has rating of 1 or 5 mistakes, errors can happen.

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