Joining The Military Forces.

British Army


Food allergy requiring you to avoid some foods in your diet due to allergy or intolerance (not because you don’t like it!). 

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Royal Air Force

Medical conditions that preclude entry

Severe allergic reactions and/or anaphylaxis

  • A need to carry adrenaline injections (EPIPEN, etc)
  • Confirmed food allergy.
  • Any history of a Type 1 allergic reaction regardless of cause
  • Gluten sensitivity (Coeliac disease),
  • Any confirmed food intolerance which results in symptoms

(Text source Royal Air Force)

Royal Navy

Her Majesty’s Naval Service Eligibility and Guidance Notes

Requirement for specific dietary restriction

Coeliac disease

There is no guarantee that special nutritional needs can be sustained in training or Operations: food intolerances that require an exclusion diet are a bar to entry.

Severe allergic reactions and/or anaphylaxis to any substance including but not limited to fruits, nuts, eggs, food additives, seafood, latex, vaccines, venoms, and stinging insects • A need to carry adrenaline injections (EPIPEN, etc.) • Morphine allergy • Gluten sensitivity (Coeliac disease) • Any food intolerance requiring dietary restriction • If you are not sure if you are allergic to a substance you may wish to seek advice from your GP.

(Text source Royal Navy)

All Armed Forces are exempt from disability discrimination legislation.

If you had an allergy or intolerance as a child, but no symptoms since, and your application has been denied, you can appeal. You need to be 4 years clear of the medical condition, if you been denied, get a letter from your GP, and appeal, but the appeal decision will depend on severity of allergy as a child, if you have been supplied an adrenaline auto-injector (even if you have not used it), and possibility of coming back.

Do not withhold information about your food allergy, as this will be in your medical notes.

Merchant Navy

This is slightly different as you are required to have medical certificates.

You a need ENG1 or ML5 medical certificate.

  • conditions that put you at increased risk of illness while in charge of a vessel (remote from assistance)
  • medication with side effects that reduce performance or alertness – and can cause complications while in charge of a vessel.

Does not say anything in particular for allergies.

Seafarers medical certification guidance Gov UK

These lists are guidance only, and not fully extensive, people are advised that it is the responsibility of the individual when using this information.

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