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24/09/2021 Email sent to CEO Asda about concerns for Eco-shopping

Dear Sir,

It was brought to British Food Allergy Awareness about Asda Glasgow eco-shopping, as you probably understand people with allergies have concerns about this and was wondering if you could alleviate some of these concerns.

The concerns were.

  1. How will you control airborne allergy? I think people are concerned about airborne particles, as this can cause people have allergic reactions.
  2. Cross contamination – How will this be eliminated?
  3. Labelling – Where will the ingredients and labelling be? As you probably understand not all food allergies are just the top 14 allergens, and people need access to all the ingredients.
  4. How are the dispensers cleaned and will they remain with the same product, or will they be used for other products?
  5. Will free from foods remain in their own packaging? Are free from foods being considered in the future as part of this enterprise?

Thank you


17/09/2021 Age UK West Sussex Brighton and Hove head office. Fundraising Support Pack and food allergies.

On Friday 17th September 2021 spoke to Age UK West Sussex Brighton and Hove head office and a fantastic conversation.

Looking at their Fundraising support pack they have a “Keeping it safe and legal” section and on there nothing mentions about food allergies.  

I discussed with them that they are eliminating part of their fundraising and supporters because people with allergies cannot really attend cakes sales, cream teas so on. I discussed if they added food allergies to “Keeping it safe and legal” it will help people to think about including people with food allergies and how to keep them safe at their fundraiser. I also said if they mentioned about having alternative milks, and keep labels, that people will have a choice (individual choice in imperative for own safety risk) as where before there was none if they could attend. I discussed with them that I believe that educating people about food allergies come from the top so that it can passed on, and by having information in their fundraising pack helps people to understand food allergies a bit more and make it more inclusive for people with food allergies.

I also discussed it would be good for them to mention food allergies because by mentioning food allergies, if people think about alternatives for people with food allergies, they are opening a wider audience, and this means potential more revenue for their organisation.

People will still have to decide for their own safety, but it would be so nice to be included in food and drink-based charity fundraisers.

The outcome of this conversation was that they are going to look at their “Keeping it safe and legal” section and their Fundraising support pack to include information for food allergies.

I believe this is a small step but if we continue to discuss with organisations about including food allergies in their fundraising packs, we can educate people about food allergies and we can be more involved in fundraising events.

03/09/2021 Sainsburys Free From Selling allergen free foods with traces of other allergens in defeats the purpose.

Written to the CEO

I am so disappointed in Sainsburys, your free from aisle has hardly any other brands that cater for milk free. Your free from range items are getting more and you stock less of other companies, the problem with your product it has may contain traces of nuts or peanuts. I am milk, sulphites, nuts, and peanuts anaphylaxis and even traces can make me seriously ill, so your range is not an option.

So, if I fancied a treat such as a cake where you did stock Genius chocolate cakes before for £2-£2.50 this was an affordable treat but now the only option is £4 – £6.50, for a large cake which is not practical as I am the only person in the household who has allergies. So instead, if I cannot have cake thought might be able to have a biscuit, the answer to that is no as the only milk free biscuits you do includes traces of other allergens.  Your puddings only really include plant yoghurts from other companies, you do not even do free from chilled deserts unlike Tesco and Asda. Your Christmas range that is out, all has traces or has nuts in like almonds, so even the Christmas items I cannot buy.

As you probably can imagine I am not the only person who has multiple allergies, so by you using factories with shared lines or the allergen on site enough for you to make an allergen statement, and you only stock high-priced items from other brands you are failing your customers.

I have been a customer of the ….branch for 22 years, although I have had allergies in the last two and half years, I could understand shortages during the lockdown, but when talking to management this is a stock discontinuation rather than shortages.

I know this type of food regarded as treats but put yourself in our shoes for one day, please try going one day without milk, nuts, peanuts, sulphites in your diet and see how limited your diet becomes, maybe your food technologist for the free from products should do this to fully understand the some of the frustrations of having food allergies that are life threatening.

It can be easy for me to go to the other major stores, but as said before I probably will not be the only one who has allergies, and it will only be time when other customers will do the say. Yes, maybe you might find this as complaining but I rather spend my money with a company that respects people with allergies and treats them as equals, and not just a token gesture because selling allergen free foods with traces of other allergens in defeats the purpose.

Overall, I am finding your food range going backwards instead of moving competitively with the other major stores.  

I was wondering if you will be adding more from other companies that are more price competitive, and does not encourage waste or will your range become more allergen friendly?

I would really like to hear your views on the issues I have brought to your attention,

Thank you

06/05/2021 Health and Wellbeing Magazine and Nuts

Dear ……… ,

I do not think you realised that you have alienated some of your customers who purchase this month’s magazine.

People who have severe allergies would not be able to buy Health and Wellbeing Magazine, because you have put a cereal bar in with the magazine that contains pistachios. People who have anaphylaxis to nuts would not even be able to pick up the magazine with its cellophane cover because of cross contamination.

I am disappointed that a prominent magazine like yourselves can have so little regard for your readers who have allergies.

I would like to hear your views on this matter,

Thank you.


No response at all. even if they did not want to change their product to include people with allergies, I find it totally rude not to drop an email back stating that.

05/03/2021 The Meaningful Chocolate Factory.

I have come across your website; I think it brilliant the message you are conveying.

I noticed there is nothing for people with food allergies, I was wondering if you were thinking about this in the future.

This would be a wonderful way to include adults and children, and still convey your message.

Awaiting Response

05/03/2021 Change for life website

I have been looking on the website and looked the food suggestions, and noticed you have nothing on there for people with food allergies or even suggestions for alternatives. There is no mention about food allergies or even a disclaimer.

I fully understand it is people’s responsibilities for their food allergies, but you mention alternatives for vegetarians but nothing for food allergies.

People who are experienced with food allergies can substitute ingredients, but if they are new to food allergies it can be overwhelming.

I was wondering if you would be considering in the future to include people with food allergies.

Awaiting for Response

Complaint Greatest Hits Radio 18/02/2021

Greatest Hits Radio Mark Goodier approximately 12.56pm 18/02/2021

The comment on the radio about telling people that you are allergic to eggs but in fact do not like them is irresponsible.

People with food allergies find it hard enough with the food industry without comments like that being broadcasted on the radio.

Unfortunately, people who do not have allergies and claim to have them causes issues with chefs and attitudes towards people with allergies, because they cannot tell if they have someone in the restaurant has a life-threatening condition or just someone claiming to have an allergy that is not real.

If people want to claim to have allergies when they have not this is something they do in their private life and not state on the radio. 

I find this offensive and demeaning to people with life threatening condition and makes people’s lives harder in the food industry as they will not be taken seriously because of whimsical comments like this. 

Waiting for response, also contacted Broadcast complaints | Ofcom

13/02/2021   Dorset Meat company

To whom it may concern,

I was looking at your website and I found some concerning problems with your website.

I will take for example Particularly British Picalilli, even though your whole website is like the example using.

Particularly British Picalilli

Vegetables (56%) (Cauliflower, Silverskin Onions, Gherkins, Red & Green Peppers), Mustard (20%) (Water, Mustard Seed, Spirit Vinegar, Salt, Spice), Cider Vinegar, Raw Cane Sugar, Water, Sea Salt, Cornflour, Turmeric, Mustard Flour.

Above ingredient should be 14 allergens legally in bold so

Mustard should be in bold.

Vinegar does this contain sulphites.

Mustard Flour again Mustard should be in bold.

Then more shocking on your allergens for this item it states just Gluten Free. Allergies are serious and can be life threating, please advise why this information is not available?

I would like to hear you on this,


(Please note spelling mistakes, from actual website, kept to show proof and content of the webiste if the company)


Phone call from Owner of company, grateful of being made aware of the above, they will be changing the website and if any other problems occurred, they would like to contact for advice.

Waitrose over dismissive comments for nut allergies

Dear Sir,

Recently you had a recall for your Waitrose Patisserie Carrot Cake Muffin 2s, British Food Allergy Awareness share food recalls for people with allergies.

I like to share some feedback from the people who follow British Food Allergy Awareness.

They found your statement “we are recalling this product due to an error on the label, meaning that nuts are not declared, which if consumed by someone with a nut allergy could cause illness” they found this comment to be very dismissive and understated, here are some of their comments.

“cause illness”

“Shame on Waitrose, what If someone hasn’t got Facebook to see this is life threatening for people not just ‘may cause illness’ this shouldn’t happen ever”

“May cause illness? More like may cause death. Pretty dismissive and unacceptable way to describe an anaphylactic reaction.”

I understand that the statement must not cause panic, but this statement has upset your customers by the way you are so dismissive about the health implications.

I have added another recall on the same day that included nuts (see picture) “possible health risks”, they have their statement a bit more allergy friendly to their customers without offending them.

Nut allergy is life threatening; your customers find it disappointing that mistakes that can happen to threaten their health or life, but to have their health disregarded by a statement “could cause illness” they found this disrespectful.

I would like to hear your views on this,

Thank you.

British Food Allergy Awareness


Dear …….,

Thank you for taking the time to contact ……., …….. has since moved from this position in the business, however, this has been passed to our Executive Director, ………, who has asked me to reply on his behalf.

Thank you for sharing the feedback from the British Food Allergy Awareness with regards to the product recall of Waitrose Patisserie Carrot Cake Muffins 2’s

I can understand this has caused some concern, as soon as we were made aware from our suppliers that there was, in fact, an error on the label: that nuts are not declared, which if consumed by someone with a nut allergy could cause illness, this product was removed from our shelves and online and an urgent recall was issued.

This information is shared immediately via Waitrose.com, social media channels, we also send an email to our registered customers, as well as visible signs in all our branches, we also print this in the weekly Weekend paper.

I am sorry to hear that you feel this has not been taken seriously, I would like to assure you this is far from the case, this is taken very seriously with immediate effect.

I do hope the above goes some way to reassure you and please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards


Case Manager, Executive Office

(Names redacted due to GDPR)

Response From British Food Allergy Awareness

Once again, I had to contact Waitrose because I think they completely missed the point of my original email.

Here is my new email to them, and below this is the email received from Waitrose this morning.

To Waitrose

I think you have totally missed the point of my email; the email was not about the timing or the recall of the product but your company dismissive comments on the recall.

Your customers were angry that your statement was “we are recalling this product due to an error on the label, meaning that nuts are not declared, which if consumed by someone with a nut allergy could cause illness” 

The emphasis on could cause illness”, this is dismissive because people with nut allergies this can be life threatening. 

You must understand that your customers are already disappointed with yourselves, even if its your suppliers, mistakes like this should not happen, but they do, but it potentially put life at risk, then to add a dismissive statement, your customers find it insulting.

Waiting For Response

Oakwood declassified Gluten products and incorrect information on website

I have a lady contact me who is shielding for medical reasons and been using your company for her meals. The lady has recently received your new brochure, the lady has been using your gluten free range, she has noticed that a lot of your products has been declassified.

The lady contacted you about these declassifications and she was told that it was due to new regulations regarding labelling, even though the recipes has not changed.  Could you please clarify why the products have been declassified, also will these declassified products be replaced so that the choice will be extended again?

On your website, 3 items are labelled “new and improved” and you have a disclaimer in small print on items 291,295,329 in your brochure about containing wheat but not on the website. The contradicting allergen information in brochure and website is this a mistake. Some families buy meals online for their loved ones and this declaration is not the website, this could potentially dangerous, please could you confirm which information is correct, brochure or website? Also, could you update either brochure or website so that people’s health is not put at risk.

The picture attached is your product 295 Mini Sweet & Sour Pork, please could you tell me why the allergen Wheat, Egg, Soya, in not in bold in the ingredients required by law, this can be dangerous for people with allergies.


Thank you for contacting us regarding allergens in our products.  Firstly, a quick introduction and explanation of my role – as Technical Manager for Oakhouse Foods I am responsible for the safety, quality and legality of our products.  We understand from your email that you have been contacted by one of our customers, who has also contacted us, regarding recent changes to our brochure and the allergen status of some of our products.  As such, I would like to reproduce a section of my reply to the customer:

I would like to reassure you that we are committed to providing our customers with food that is healthy, nutritious, and safe to eat and that the changes that we have made in the representation of our products have been made in order to provide the most realistic and safest information for our consumers.  When we were reviewing our products for our latest brochure and range review, we reviewed the latest guidance on the relevant labelling legislation and also from a range of sources including the Coeliacs Society.  On the basis of this review, we took the decision to remove the Gluten Free statement from certain products.    We noted that some products that were identified as Gluten Free due to their not having any gluten containing ingredients were manufactured in an environment where gluten ingredients were present.  In a factory environment, there is always a risk, however small, of cross contamination and we decided that this risk meant that the responsible course of action was to remove the claim that these products were Gluten Free.  While I understand that this may limit the range of our products that you might purchase, this decision was taken with the health of our customers as the prime consideration.  The decision was taken, despite the fact that we could lose sales, because it was the right and responsible thing to do.

Where products have been redeveloped to improve them, a range of options are considered and submissions are taken from our suppliers.  When we improve our products, we consider a variety of factors including the nutritional data (for example, we are working to lower levels of fat and sugar across our range), flavour and product presentation.  In the case of the products you have noted above, unfortunately the improved products contain wheat as an ingredient.  As a part of our responsibility, we have highlighted the fact that these products have changed in our brochure and on our website.  We have also taken steps to ensure that orders placed before the website was updated, or before the brochure has been delivered and understood will receive the previous version of the product so that customers receive the exact product that they ordered.

Again, I apologise for the concern and inconvenience that these changes have caused, and I will raise the need to improve our Gluten Free range with our product development team.  In future, we will be looking to work with manufacturing sites that have fully Gluten Free facilities to produce these products.

I hope that this goes some way to explaining the change in allergen status of our products.  Our intention has been to supply our customers with the most responsible information, and this has led to us making changes.  Some products on the website have not changed to the newer version to allow us to sell remaining stock of the older versions but in each case the consumer will receive the version of the product that they have ordered (e.g. from the brochure or website).  As the stock is sold, the website will be updated to reflect the newer products.  Thank you for highlighting the allergen information on 295 Mini Sweet and Sour Pork on our website – this was caused by an error in the database that our website draws from and will be rectified.

We would also welcome your input on how our range can be expanded to offer more choice for Coeliacs and customers with other allergies – my contact details are below, and I would be happy to discuss this with yourself.

Kind Regards,

Technical Manager

Kerry Foods
Oakhouse Foods

Barkat missing information and contradicting information on website

Company did not respond so went to Trading Standards Reply

Thank you very much for notifying Environmental Health about the above website which has been referred to us at Trading Standards.
Ive had a look at the website and notice that the allergen information is very hit and miss. Bread for example has allergen info, but muesli and ready meals do not.
I will make contact and advise accordingly.

Email to Nestle Re Vegan condensed alternative milk, food reaction and “may contain” labelling

To whom it may concern,

Re Vegan condensed alternative milk

I am milk, tree nuts and peanut anaphylaxis and I recently purchased your Vegan condensed alternative milk. Unfortunately, I had an awfully bad reaction to this, and I have included the photos in this email.

I fully understand there is no law for definition for being vegan with the Food Standards Agency and with being registered with the Vegan society criteria of minimalising animal cross contamination.  

I know it is my responsibility to read labels, but I missed this as small print right at the bottom of the can.  I was wondering if the ‘may contain’ text could be enlarged in some way; I know there is so much criteria on food labelling from Food Standards and with the FSA may contain is discretionary but I would not like for someone else to go through what I did last night. I was wondering if there was a way you could consider changing the text within guidelines to stop future mistakes.

My symptoms were, sores and lesions on tongue, sore throat, headache, pounding heart, swelling of throat inside and out (have sent picture of me normally and swollen last night), pain in ears and tingly lips. I was fortunate enough to realise that a reaction had started and stopped eating the food and took my medication which was, 8x5mg prednisolone (steroids) and antihistamines.

Thank you 


Hello **********

Thanks for getting in touch.

We are very sorry for your reaction to our product. We have forwarded your comments to the brand team and they are looking into amending the packaging to make the allergen warning more prominent.

Thanks again,

Consumer Engagement Services

Social media sales and extra gift sweets.

Covid has hit us all extremely hard and we all need cheering and people are working hard from home to supplement their income. People on social media selling have been trying to cheer us up by putting an extra gift of sweets with the delivery of our parcels and I can fully understand the sentiment behind this but unfortunately they are putting people at risk and not realising it.

Unless someone in your family or you have a food allergy it does not become second nature to think about the implications of sending sweets to people in parcels.

We are not being picky or ungrateful we just want to stay safe, so asking if you are considering sending an extra gift of sweets maybe it might be worth thinking about these simple suggestions:

  1. If sending sweets please check the back of package that it has no allergens in, you can tell this by the ingredients that no ingredients in bold. (Bold writing on ingredients means they have one or many of the 14 allergens)
  2. Do not send sweets loose and without ingredients as people can not know what the sweets are, and cross contamination can make people seriously ill. 
  3. If you would like to see send sweets please place in a little bag separate from the contents of the parcel, this is because if someone is allergic to the contents it is likely to cross contaminate the item the person has ordered. Cross contamination can even be on the packet from manufacturing.
  4. Finally, something you might consider if you are sending extra treats that you use a disclaimer. Unfortunately you are sending a gift to a household that didn’t ask for it and for any reason someone becomes ill because of these then you can become liable like any other business, this could mean prosecution, compensation or even prison sentence. (The Food Safety Act 1990 – A Guide for Food Businesses) So place the item like said in number 3 and in with a declaration saying along the lines “Please see ingredients before consuming and individuals are responsible themselves if they consume this item.”

This may all seem a lot for a packet of sweets, but food allergies can be life threatening and sending these what seems harmless gifts into people’s households without knowing people’s circumstances can be dangerous.

No one wants to be a killjoy and as said before we fully understand why this is being done and not asking for it to stop but please think about this small article before doing so.

Domino’s Vegan Pizza

Dear Sir,

Recently I have heard a number of people with allergies or intolerances asking for vegan pizzas but when they come to ask for some pepperoni to be put on they being told no they cannot have it as it is a vegan pizza.

Is this company policy because to not allow the customer to have a choice or is this because the food is cooked separately? I think if people knew the reasons then they would have better understanding why they are being told no.

I do hope it is because of cooking separately because people do not choose to have allergies or intolerances, and to be told they cannot swap toppings like other customers would be discriminatory.

I would like to hear your opinion on this,


Dear Sir,

I was looking online and came across your Ultimate Bonfire Night Box. I was wondering if it would be possible for you next year to do another ultimate box alongside with the current product, that is allergen free? 

I would understand the price may vary but I think it would be nice to offer people with allergies an alternative box they could have and feel included. 

I would love to hear your views on this, 

Koin Club

To whom it may concern,

I just recently received an order from yourselves and within the parcel was a packet of sweets. I fully understand your kindness of the sweets, but there a vast amount of people with food allergies. These people keep their homes allergen free as food allergies are serious and can be life threatening the sweets you have supplied has an allergen that is within the Food Standards Agency 14 allergens. Your company are supplying food to people you do not know their circumstances and have not asked for these.

People with food allergies can even react to traces of amounts of allergens, and these traces can be on the outside of the packet from manufacturing, if a person touches their mouth without realising this is enough to cause an allergic reaction and even anaphylactic shock.

Please can you advise on this?  

British Food Allergy Awareness


I do hope this email finds you well.

Thank you for your recent correspondence and indeed advice, it is very much appreciated. Here at The Koin Club, we really do appreciate our customers going that extra mile to provide feedback, as it is with this, we are able to develop and grow as a business.

I am pleased to note you understand the motive behind sending these treats to our customers. We noted during this global pandemic and current climate it has brought, a lot of people are suffering and therefore we were keen to try and put a little smile on our customers faces, even if we only reach a small number of people. The feedback we have received from this little gesture has been very positive.

Noting your correspondence, it is clear you are a specialist in your field and you have amazing knowledge within this industry. Please be assured we take on board all your feedback and of course what you have advised is very important.

With the above said, I would like to ask whether you would be interested in working with us on this matter, so we are able to ensure we are providing an appropriate treat to our customers. Therefore, did you have any suggestions for any tasty treats we would be able to send, a safer way of packaging or even an awareness note we could pop into each order?

I very much look forward to your response and indeed working with you.

Kindest Regards,

Lidl, Food Standards Agency and Trading Standards

Sent to FSA and trading Standards

Been brought to my attention Lidl are selling a product that is not gluten free but does not have the semolina wheat/ durum wheat and mustard in bold –


Tesco price differences – Caffeine Cola – email to company

Dear Sir,

I have had a customer of your company approach British Food Allergy Awareness, wondering about a price of your product.

The lady is allergic to caffeine and buys your Tesco Classic Diet Caffeine Free Cola 2 Litre but the price 39p more than the Tesco Diet Cola 2 Litre Bottle , I can understand the sugar tax but as your Tesco Cola 2 Litre Bottle is the same price as the diet cola, she was perplexed by the price difference.

Please could you clarify why the caffeine free cola is 39p dearer?

Thank you

(details redacted due to GDPR)

Asda and price differences – Caffeine Cola – email to company

Dear Sir,

Firstly, I would love to say thank you for your commitment to the people with allergies and your price reductions for free from foods. British Food allergy Awareness shared this fantastic news over Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger and Facebook, and the results were over 100,000 people reacted to this post and was extremely happy.

This brings me onto my question, I have had a customer of your company approach British Food Allergy Awareness, wondering about a price of your product.

The lady is allergic to caffeine and buys your ASDA Diet Cola Caffeine Free but the price 50p more than the ASDA Diet Cola, I can understand the sugar tax but as your ASDA Cola is the same price as the diet cola, she was perplexed by the price difference.

Please could you clarify why the caffeine free cola is over double the price?

Thank you

(details redacted due to GDPR)

Written to Butterly Flora Upfield today regarding new recipe including butter milk.

To whom it may concern,

I only found out via social media that your Butterly Flora is going to contain butter milk in the future, I have 2 concerns
Due to the work British Food Allergy Awareness does on social media it has come to BFAA that thousands of people with allergies and intolerances are extremely disappointed because they love this product and was safe with it.

This point is concerning, not everyone is on social media and to find out this information. Your company has kept the original logo but changed text. As a company I understand I fully understand about saving money/profits, but my concern is that it is not a striking change on the packet and I fear for people health who might be affected by this for example people with anaphylaxis.

I am the founder of BFAA and personally I am milk, tree nuts and peanut anaphylaxis so I fully understand peoples concerns.

Please can you tell me are you going to do a press release before the product completely launches, so people with allergies and intolerance are fully aware of the changes of the product


Thank you for your contact about the recipe changes to Flora Buttery. We appreciate all feedback. We have been listening carefully and will continue to do so.

Flora takes the provision of allergen information extremely seriously and always ensures to go beyond what is legally required in terms of pack labelling. Any new ingredients are always communicated on pack, on our website and in marketing materials to ensure consumers make the right choice for them. We have also issued a press release to media and social media groups regarding this change.

The addition of buttermilk is highlighted on the front and top of the new Flora Buttery packaging, the Vegan Certification stamp has been removed and buttermilk is highlighted in the ingredients list.

Flora Buttery has not been historically marketed as a dairy-free product and for people with dairy allergens, we had a specific product – Flora Dairy-Free. We now have dairy-free certification on Flora Light and Flora Original, which both also have the Vegan Society trademark on the new packs. As a result of this, Flora Dairy-Free has been delisted in most stores.  

As part of our commitment to alternatives to dairy butter, we also recently launched Flora Plant B+tter, salted and unsalted – our new vegan and dairy-free product in block format. These variants both include the Vegan Trademark on pack and are certified dairy-free.

Kind regards,


Glutafin and Schar May Contain Mustard

I have had a lady saying that she ordered a month supply of your product and received to be told now by a phone call that your products have a may contain mustard. Unfortunately, this lady has now got to dispose of these items as she has a mustard allergy. Please could you confirm that your company now has a may contain mustard disclaimer?

No response

Food companies to have mandatory logo for new recipes on packaging for allergy sufferers.

It is hard enough to have a life-threatening food allergy or food intolerance and constantly look at labels to make sure you are safe. When companies change ingredients, we do not know, and we must triple check foods constantly that we are safe with just in case ingredients have been changed.

British Food Allergy Awareness would like it to become mandatory for companies to have a logo on front of their packaging stating ingredients change or new recipe.


Campaign Sainsbury’s Meal Deal 

Dear Sir, 

I visited your Chichester store today and left feeling very frustrated. I wanted to purchase a meal deal, but I must be careful because I am milk, tree nuts and peanuts anaphylactic. I manage to find a sandwich and a drink after some searching but it was when it came to the snack that I had a problem. The choices of snack are several bags of crisps which have milk in or traces, peanut/nuts, chocolate, and a small fruit bag. Yes, ok fruit bags are healthy and an option but like anybody else I would like an option to have a choice. I understand catering for all people with allergies is difficult and maybe a little more expensive, but Tesco’s and Morrison’s have a wider selection of snacks included in their meal deal which gives people like myself options. People have different allergies and by providing a wider range then this gives everyone with allergies opportunity to have a choice.

Tesco’s and Morrison’s offer

Sushi Snack Packs snack packs

Fridge raiders

Peperami snack size

Cocktail sausages with sauce

Selection of fruit bags

Pork pies


Yes, I could go to another shop like Tesco’s or Morrison’s but if everyone with allergies does the same then your company will be losing a large chunk of the market especially as allergies are on the increase. 

I would love to think that Sainsburys to take the initiative and think out of the box how it can cater for people with allergies on their meal deals, thus leading the industry forward. I think people with allergies would not mind paying a little more to have the option to be able to eat lunch, be safe and being respected by being included.

I would love to hear your thoughts back on this,

Names and details redacted for GDPR


Dear ,

Thank you for your recent email which has been received into our Executive Office. I have been asked to look into this matter and personally respond to you.

Sainsbury’s take a vigilant approach to ensure we offer a great variety within our stores however we also like to accept feedback to understand how we can improve and help our customers going forward

Please be assured, I have passed over your comments to our buying team who will internally review this further.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to get in touch.

Many thanks,

Executive Office

Names Redacted for GDPR reasons

Wiltshire Farm Foods Free From and British Food Allergy Awareness 

Dear Sir,

I would like to say how brilliant your new brochure of foods is, and how easy to read for people of all ages. It is very nice to see that people with allergies are included, I was wondering if your free from range will be extending in the future, especially with a pudding range?

Thank you

Premier Inn, Travel Lodge and Holiday Inn Soya Milk Pods

I use your company quite frequently and, on most times, I normally arrive late evening time. On my last visit I arrived 9.30pm and checked in, normally most people get to their rooms and make themselves a hot drink but unfortunately this is not possible for me or for many other people. I am milk anaphylaxis and all your rooms are supplied with normal milk pots, this means I have to bring my own milk that has travelled in a car most of the day or try and find somewhere to buy alternative milk and to be honest when arriving you usually do not feel like going straight back out.

I was wondering if your company could cater for people with milk allergies by using soya milk pods as well, I fully understand that it would be best to keep at reception so that people with allergies can ask for them.

People with allergies have a stressful time keeping themselves safe so to arrive at your accommodation to have a hot drink would be so fantastic, it is the small things in life that make a difference.

Thank you

Holiday Inn response

Greetings from the Executive Office of IHG.  Mr. Keith Barr, CEO, IHG, received your email and has asked I follow up with you on behalf of IHG as a whole.  
Thank you for choosing to stay with IHG. I’m truly sorry to learn of that your most recent stay couldn’t have been improved by the hotel offering a different milk alternative. I understand having allergies is frustrating and appreciate you sharing this feedback.  For your awareness, IHG has modified food options at this time due to COVID-19.   That being said, each of our hotels maintain their food options and variations separately, as they are independently owned and operated.  IHG can only encourage you to reach out to individual hotels directly before you arrive so they can review and advise of any alternatives they may have for you, and you can enjoy a hot drink in the evening. 
Thank you again for taking your time to share your experience and feedback with us as we all work together to adapt to the new normal. I have documented your comments on a formal level within the corporate office for our internal review. 
Kind Regards and stay safe,

Travelodge Response

Thank you for your email. Mr ….., our Chief Executive, has asked me to respond on his behalf so that we might resolve your issue as swiftly as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to write and make us aware of your situation.

We are always striving to meet the needs of our guests and understand the importance of catering for those with allergies so we will review your feedback and options available.

Kind regards,

Chief Executive’s Office

Petiton on Change.org

Sellers of food on social media to show which registered local authority with on advert

There are several businesses on social media selling sweets, cakes and food that are not registered with the local authority. These individuals who are selling food are extremely dangerous as there is no risk assessment, no hygiene courses, no ingredients list, no allergens list, no training, no insurances, so on. This undermines reputable businesses that adhere to the law and that make sure people with allergies are kept safe. Allergies can come on at any time of life and not providing ingredient lists is dangerous to people and especially those who have allergies already. Adults and children die of anaphylaxis and I would like it to be law that the people who advertise on social media have to put on their adverts who the name of the local authority they are registered with. I would also like those who do not put this information on their advert or falsify the information to be prosecuted. 


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