Mandatory Changed Recipe logo

Food companies to have mandatory logo for new recipes on packaging for allergy sufferers.

It is hard enough to have a life-threatening food allergy or food intolerance and constantly look at labels to make sure you are safe. When companies change ingredients, we do not know, and we must triple check foods constantly that we are safe with just in case ingredients have been changed.

British Food Allergy Awareness would like it to become mandatory for companies to have a logo on front of their packaging stating ingredients change or new recipe.

Please sign

This is an good example of logo required on all packaging with new recipes.

Some of the reasons why people have signed.

People have enough problems, we can make it a little bit easier.

My grandchild has intolerances and we have to be so careful with his food and it makes it harder if we have to check the labels of brands we have trusted to be ok every time. How hard would it be for the manufacturer to let people know when formulas have changed

I have lots of allergies, it’s a nightmare in adulthood, let alone for parents of young ones ❤️❤️

To make my son’s life a little safer

Reactions have happened in our house due to ingredients changes

My children have food allergies, some of which aren’t top 14 and required to be highlighted, so it’s possible to miss small changes such as spices added, especially when the ingredient list is quite long.

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