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Alpro Barista Oat Long Life Drink 1L

14 Allergens In product – Oats

Price – £1.90 approx.

Department – Free From aisle or chilled

Review – BFAA

Lovely tasting, you can either make froth or flat. I have tried several alternative milks, soya based, and they make the coffee curdle at bottom of cup, the barista does not.

Photo taken from actual product

Sainsburys Soya Unsweetened Soya Drink 1L

14 Allergens In product – Soya

Price – 85p

Department – Free From aisle

Review – BFAA

This is not as thick as Alpro. Ok in tea but in coffee it tends to curdle. Mixes well with chocolate, and milkshakes.

Photo taken from actual product

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