Mustard allergy is rare but when present they can cause severe reactions.

Mustard allergy is most common in countries where the condiment / spice is used, UK, Canada, and India.

People with mustard allergies can be also allergic to rapeseed.

This list is a guidance, included in this list is possible allergen, please check labels.

You may be allergic to traces of amount of the allergen, below are a few statements companies use to make you aware that the allergen is used onsite or on the same machinery. If your food allergy is severe, please look for the following statements on food labelling to avoid anaphylaxis by cross contamination. Also, be aware that companies do not have to put this statement on their labels by law, if you have a reaction to a product avoid using that food product in the future. It might be worth to contact the company if you have had a reaction, and there is no allergen or Precautionary Allergen Labelling. Contacting the company, they can check their safety onsite, or they find an ingredient has been put in error into the food product and put a food recall in place.

If you are uncertain about a product, contact the company to clarify before using the food product.

  • May contain.
  • Produced in a factory.
  • May contain X.
  • Not suitable for someone with X allergy
  • May contain traces of ..

Foods from abroad has been included in this list, this is for guidance for the traveller.

If you would like food recall alerts directly sent to your email, please use the contact page you will be added to the next food recall alert. Please check the GDPR page, to see how your details are stored.

Canola oil
Dehydrated soups
Field greens/arugula (comes from the mustard seed)
Instant soups
Mustard greens
Mustard seeds – white, yellow, and brown
Potato salad
Pre-packed foods 
Processed meats and deli meats
Salads and steamed greens
seasoned chicken
seasoned turkey
Seasonings and flavouring agents
Soup mixes
Soups, stock
Sweet Potato Fries (many have mustard flour for colouring)
Vegetables pickled
Water binding agents
Cumberland sauce 
Curry sauce 
Fish sauce and fish paste
Honey mustard sauce
Ketchup, tomato sauces
Mustard Powder
Pickles and piccalilli
Prepared Mustard
Salad dressing

This information is only given as guidance and not extensive. Information to be used at individual’s responsibility. Always read the label. Always seek medical advice.

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