Pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical companies to supply information for patients with food allergies.

Having food allergies is difficult enough with having to worry what is in our medication. This petition is requiring clearer labelling on medication packs and the literature, and accessible in-depth information quickly.

There should be easy access for information that is needed, either via the doctor prescribing, chemists (OTC), MHRA website, pharmaceutical company website, email, or phone. The information requested should be classed as high priority and be given to the patient within 24 hours, this service should be available 7 days a week (24/7 can be online)

Not all food allergies are in the top 14 allergens.

Pharmaceutical companies must not ignore such requests, as vital for patients health.

Labelling and information sheet must be clearer e.g., starch, it must clarify the source, either corn, wheat, potato, etc.

The information available to other providers of medication should be supplied to hospitals, doctors, and chemists.

Medication can have hidden ingredients such as wheat, nuts, or they are used under different names.

Information sheet must be always supplied from all establishments that dispense medication.

Pharmaceutical companies must be trained in food allergies, so when asked questions they can understand what the patient is asking and be able to supply the relevant information that is needed.

Patients should not be put in a situation where they will become poorly because they cannot take the medication without knowing the full ingredients or putting them at risk of severe anaphylaxis which can result in death.

Please sign

Some of the reasons why people have signed.

Because there is no excuse for not disclosing a full ingredient list in anything, much less meds. Medications, should not hide their ingredients, its ridiculous.

I am Gluten and Lactose Intolerant , Better Labelling of Medicine and Food will save lives .

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