Praiseworthy Companies

These companies have been excellent, the information is to be taken as guidelines as staff and situations can vary.

If you have a brilliant review of company, please contact them, and pass on the praise. Also, join British food Allergy Awareness to say thank you by passing on the review to British Food Allergy Awareness so it can be put on the Praiseworthy Companies Page, contact by the contact form on the website.

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01/10/2021 Tesco Extra Fishbourne Rd E, Chichester PO19 3JT

I needed to get some milk for a disabled person, and I forgot my glove that I use to handle milk (as traces of milk can cause me a severe reaction), so I asked a member of staff if they could put the milk in my trolley. Once I got to the till, I asked the lady at the till if she could help, in which she got from her till and put the milk on the conveyor belt. The lady returned to the till, scanned the item, and placed it in a bag for me so I did not have to touch the milk at all.

Both members of staff were polite, respectful, understanding, and me feel that I was not an inconvenience.

Thank you for keeping me safe and making my shopping visit stress free.

15/09/2021 Costa Coffee (Bognor Regis) 33 London Rd, Bognor Regis PO21 1PQ

I went in told the lady that I was allergic to milk, and I would want soya milk, I must admit the lady looked at me blanky and really looked as though she didn’t know what I was talking about, but the gentleman (who I found out later was the supervisor) said it was ok and he would do it (I can only presume the lady was new).

The jug was washed, and the drink was made on a separate machine. I was treated with respect, and everything was good no reaction.

Thank you for keeping me safe.

07/09/2021 Cross Hands Beefeater Cheltenham North West hotel Tewkesbury Road, Uckington, Cheltenham GL51 9SL

The staff supplied me with soya milk to take to my room at the premier in so I could have a coffee and was told to come back for more when needed.

The morning member of staff was polite, fully understanding about food allergies and respectful.

She explained as I was the first in the restaurant for breakfast and that the coffee machine had not been used and been thoroughly cleaned beforehand so I could have a black coffee and be safe then add soya milk for afterwards.

I would like to thank everyone involved that kept me safe and a stress-free environment.

Milk, nuts and peanuts free breakfast

06/09/2021 Starbucks Welcome Break Sarn, Bridgend CF32 9SY

Told the lady about being allergic to milk and ordered a soya latte. The staff were polite, respectful, and made sure the equipment was cleaned before making my drink. There was no extra charge for alternative milks, and the cups are marked so no mix up.

Thank you for making me feel safe.

17/08/2021 Yapton Chippy Main Rd, Yapton, Arundel BN18 0EY

When I went to order I asked what the ingredients were for the batter, the lady got the ingredients book out, and I read the read the allergen warnings, and this was something I could not have. The lady suggested of having the cod without batter but with rice cone instead. When I said I was milk anaphylaxis it was said to me that all the foods are fried in the same oil. When my food was cooked it was put into a box which was labelled and had a smiley face on. I found the staff polite, respectful, knowledgeable about allergies, and willing to help.

THIS IS IMPORTANT as said above the food is fried in the same fryers so depending on your allergy severity this is not an option for everyone, please consider this before consuming, stay safe.

09/08/2021 China Royal Restaurant 6-7 Market Rd, Chichester PO19 1JW

Spoke over the phone about allergies, and mention about allergies upon arrival. The menu has peanut warning icons next to dish if it contains it, but if you have other allergies you need to speak to staff. I mentioned my allergies, I was told what dishes I could not have, and the member of staff told the chef as well.

The food was very nice, and I did not have a reaction, but my advice is to make sure that you mention your allergy more than once as I was not offered an allergen book to see, so this does get lost in communication or forgotten.

07/07/2021 Costa Coffee 69-70 East St, Chichester PO19 1JX

I am milk anaphylaxis, and my visit today made me feel respected and safe. I mentioned that I am allergic to milk, and a member of staff said she would put …. in charge of my order. …. was polite, fully understood what I needed, he asked if I needed the machinery cleaned. I mentioned about the coffee I ordered could be identified as there was another coffee ordered while had milk in, …. offered to bring my coffee over separately.

It is staff like this that makes people with allergies feel safe, and welcomed, thank you.

30/06/2021 Sainsburys Store

My local Sainsburys is ……., I am milk, nuts, peanuts, and sulphite anaphylaxis, and I would love the store to have the praise it so well deserves.

  • When I go to the store, I pick up milk for a disabled person, so I do not become seriously ill, I ask the staff to handle the milk while I scan, and they place the milk in the bag. Traces of milk can make me seriously ill, so touching the product could make me end up in hospital. The staff that I have asked to help me have always been polite, understanding, and accommodating.
  • When I have spoken to management about allergy related queries, they have been so helpful.
  • I use shop and scan, when they must do a security check e.g., rescan 7 items, I must explain that I have 2 bags non allergen foods and allergen foods. I ask the staff if they could do the allergen food last as touching this first then doing the non-allergen food would cross contaminate the food and would make me ill. The staff listen, and always do what I ask.
  • On an occasion milk spilt onto my handbag and my hands, as you can imagine this was a serious situation for me. I asked a member of staff if they hand something I could use until I get out to the car, the gentleman that helped me went above and beyond helping me. He got antibacterial for my hands, then he got a special chemical cleaning spray, and he asked my permission to handle my handbag, then proceeded to clean it.
  • Because I have other health issues, I was not very well going round the store and a member staff noticed asked me if I was ok, then allowed me to sit down. I did not mention I was ill, but this member of staff was alert to notice.
  • The store has been put under pressure like any other store with covid, but the staff that greet you at the entrance to keep account of numbers, have been cheerful and welcoming. This greeting has made such a difference to a miserable time for all. Also, being so busy and under pressure they still were able to accommodate my needs and with such respect.
  • When I have spoken to staff about help, I have needed, staff asked questions so they could learn about allergies.

I have a good rapport with the staff, and I am known as a regular customer. I am treated with respect, and my safety is taken seriously. I know you can recommend people for individual praise, but I think the whole store needs recognition. I was wondering if this were something that Sainsburys as a company does, and if I could nominate this store and its staff?


24/06/2021The Taco box

This website menu is brilliant, you can see the allergens on the menu straightaway, without going hunting on another page.

Permission given from owner to obtain screen shot of menu.

22/06/2021 Crossbush Beefeater Crossbush Lane, Arundel BN18 9PQ England

Excellent service, and meal.

Was served by Hazel and Kirsty who were respectful, understanding of my allergy needs. They checked if the foods I ordered were suitable on the main allergen guide as well as the one handed to me at the table. Also, they came over to check if everything was okay.

Food was great, and no reactions, it was a pleasure to have a meal knowing that you looked after and safe.

Thank you


19/04/2021 Tesco Fishbourne Rd E, Chichester PO19 3JT

To whom it may concern,

On ….. at ….. I visited your store in Fishbourne Rd E, Chichester PO19 3JT.  I used the self-scanning and had to have a shopping check. I explained that I was milk anaphylaxis, and could the shopping be checked in a certain order. I explained a shop staff member helped me to get the milk in a bag, that I was picking up for a disabled person. I asked if my shopping could be done first, and then rescan the milk, so it does not cross contaminate my shopping. The lady was very understanding, respectful, willing to help, and the rescan could was done without causing me any health issues.

When the rescan was done, the lady advised me to leave the self-scan a different way as there was spilt milk on the floor, the lady did not want to cross contaminate my shoes. This lady thought out of the box, because if I touched my shoes and the milk was still present, I would have been ill.

I want to thank the staff for making my visit safe, and that I was respected.


Good morning.

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

It’s great to hear that you’re delighted with the service you received at our Chichester Extra and it’s really good of you to take the time let us know. I’ve passed your feedback onto the store management team who will be delighted to hear this and will pass on your feedback to my colleague.

Thanks again for letting us know.

Kind regards


Tesco Customer Service

Tesco Customer Engagement Centre

02/04/2021 McDonald’s Portfield Way, Chichester PO19 7WT

Went into store, went to desk because on the self-service machines there is nowhere to put instructions, a lady came up and said that I had to do it on the machine, but she would stay with me to find out what I needed, and then she would tell kitchen staff. I explained I needed certain foods in separate bags because of allergies. She went to the kitchen staff and she explained what was requested. The kitchen staff changed but one member of staff told the next member, and my items were bagged how I requested.

The staff was vigilant, and respectful.

01/04/2021 Costa Coffee 33 London Road, Bognor Regis PO21 1PQ

Asked for a soya latte, explained I was allergic to milk, and required a normal latte as well. The lady made my coffee on a separate machine and cleaned equipment. When it came to passing the coffees, the lady kept them separate and made sure that I received the soya latte and the person with me was handed the normal latte. I left feeling safe and respected.

31/03/2021 Costa Coffee St. Richards Hospital Chichester

I ask for a soya latte as I am severely allergic to milk. The lady was knowledgeable about allergies, cleaned equipment, and made the coffee on a separate machine. While serving me she asked questions about my allergies, in which I was happy to answer because this would build on her knowledge base already. Left feeling respected and safe.

23/03/2021 T & T Fruits

This is a local company to West Sussex, supplying fruit, vegetables, meat, and many other products to your front door.

The company has worked hard over the pandemic to supply food to people, especially those who could not get out because of shielding.

What has made this local company stand out is their commitment to people with allergies. The company supplies 4 different milk alternatives, although larger companies e.g., supermarkets offer this facility, it is nice to have smaller companies offering this service.

Also, on website it gives you the opportunity to tailor the produce around you, and this is especially helpful for people with oral allergy syndrome. Although there are no allergens on the menu for some produce e.g., condiments, they have a chat button, or you can phone them to discuss this. Also, The condiment Co who supply T &T Fruits have their own website to check ingredients online.

19/03/2021 Tesco and allergen free foods.

Went to Tesco Chichester Fishbourne, and was impressed with your Free From, plant based, and vegan options. The store had in 4 different aisles a vast of choice.

Sometimes people without allergies do not realise that to have safe food, sometimes we must look at the plant-based and vegan food. For example, avoiding milk is hard as traces can be life threatening, and most foods on shelves either contain milk or traces.

It was so lovely to have a choice of foods, then being disappointed because it is so difficult to find food. 

Also, I am milk, nuts, and peanut anaphylaxis, Sainsburys Freefom products have traces of nuts, where your products do not. This has given me more choice, and knowing I am going to be safe. 

I have shared the review of your company on Blogger, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and the website. I have an annual reach between 360,000-600,000 a year and rising, and I think it is always good to share good experiences with others. 

20/03/2021 Praiseworthy Company Millers Larder

  1. Working closely with Environment Health Office. EHO, to make sure their products are legal in guidance with labelling.
  2. Discussing allergens with Environment Health Office.
  3. Swapping ingredients, so people who have allergies to gluten, can enjoy Chutneys, and pickles.
  4. Trafficking light system on their labels so people can understand the product, this is not a mandatory element from the Food Standards Agency, so a company thinking about their customers.
  5. Allergens, clearly shown on the lid top label.
  6. Labels devised for the food service chefs/ kitchens / hospitality in mind with the label with all the essential info, on catering packs.

11/03/2021 Barnham Kebab & Pizza House 19 The Square, Barnham West Sussex, PO22 0HB

Menu does not have allergens on, but on website it says to phone for allergies/allergens.

Phoned, asked about a chicken doner meat if it had milk, or yogurt in the ingredients. Gentleman on the phone checked with a colleague and confirmed that the item required was free from that allergen. While on the phone, asked if the order could be put into different bags, as certain items needed to separate due allergy.

Upon collecting, discussed about other foods for future reference, information needed would have to checked, but will leave that nearer to the time, for another order. The staff was friendly, polite, and respectful. The food was separated like how it was asked.

I am milk anaphylaxis, and I have problems with cross contamination, the food was brilliant. I had no reaction and will go back.

Thank you for keeping me safe.

05/03/2021 Coriander Leaf Unit 2, Terminus Mill, Terminus Rd, Chichester PO19 8UN

On website on ordering says if you have food allergies, please contact. Contacted, the gentleman very polite, understanding and well conversed with knowledge of allergies, and their products.

I am milk, nuts, and peanut anaphylaxis, I had no problems, even with cross contamination.

I have not had a curry takeaway in 2 years as afraid of becoming ill, this was so nice to be respected, and to feel safe.

Thank you.

21/12/2020 Pure Heavenly Chocolate

There is a lot of companies put statements on their websites like “may contain” “made in a factory that handles” “may contain traces” so on but this company has said


Produced in a facility where various nuts are used. Whilst we only use nuts in two of our recipes and wash all of our bowls after use, we advise that severe nut allergy sufferers should refrain from buying our bars to be on the safe side.

Thank you for being honest and straightforward, living with a food allergy is sometimes, confusing because of information on websites which can cause stress, which in turn makes our lives harder. British Food Allergy Awareness just wishes more companies could take a leaf out of your book. Thank you 


10/12/2020 Costa Coffee 69-70 East St, Chichester PO19 1JX

Went in told the member of staff that milk anaphylaxis required a coffee with soya milk. The member of staff was polite respectful, he explained what they would do e.g., cleaning and use fresh clean equipment. He stated that they could not guarantee 100% allergen free, but this is to be expected in any establishment.  I had no reaction and left feeling respected

08/12/2020 CO-OP

Email received in response to email sent about their fantastic range of Sandwich deals and snacks that is milk free

Dear ……….

Thank you for writing to our Chief Executive ……. here at Co-op. My name is ……. from the Executive Correspondence Team, and I have been asked to address your query on behalf of our executives. I do hope this email finds you safe and well.

Thank you so much for your lovely feedback for our products – here at the Co-op we believe it’s extremely important to share positive experiences like this, especially during difficult times such as these. We are always really humbled when our customers reach out to feed back on their experience in our stores and I know how much it means to our product and food policy teams.

We have been working hard on stepping up on our gluten free offers, and we will have more   new lines launching next year as well as some exciting lines for Christmas. In 2021 we can promise some truly amazing new products, along with a refresh on branded lines to compliment this, and rest assured, we are looking at opportunities outside of the normal options.

The senior buyer does understand there is a growing demand for these options and has confirmed to me that will explore more creative options is in our next planning cycle which will land in 2021.

We really appreciate your views on what you would like to see on our shelves and where we can better cater for our local community, so do please do not hesitate to feedback to us going forward.

If there is anything else I can help with please do not hesitate to let me know.

Kind Regards,


Executive Correspondence

Executive Resolution Team  

Co-op Service Centre

05/11/2020 Koin Limited

Absolutely fantastic response from Koin Limited, responses like this keeps people safe, and that the company respects its customers. –

I do hope this email finds you well.

Thank you for your recent correspondence and indeed advice, it is very much appreciated. Here at The Koin Club, we really do appreciate our customers going that extra mile to provide feedback, as it is with this, we are able to develop and grow as a business.

I am pleased to note you understand the motive behind sending these treats to our customers. We noted during this global pandemic and current climate it has brought, a lot of people are suffering and therefore we were keen to try and put a little smile on our customers faces, even if we only reach a small number of people. The feedback we have received from this little gesture has been very positive.

Noting your correspondence, it is clear you are a specialist in your field and you have amazing knowledge within this industry. Please be assured we take on board all your feedback and of course what you have advised is very important.

With the above said, I would like to ask whether you would be interested in working with us on this matter, so we are able to ensure we are providing an appropriate treat to our customers. Therefore, did you have any suggestions for any tasty treats we would be able to send, a safer way of packaging or even an awareness note we could pop into each order?

I very much look forward to your response and indeed working with you.

Kindest Regards,

03/11/2020 Leon 75 North St, Brighton BN1 1ZA

Upon entry I asked if they had an allergen menu which was given to me immediately and I was guided through the book. They told about risk of cross contamination and they rechecked my choice. They also adjusted my meal, so I was able to eat there. The staff and management were polite and respectful. Thank you, people like, yourselves in the food industry make us feel secure and respected.

01/11/2020 Cedar Barn Farm Cafe Thornton Road Pickering North Yorkshire YO18 7JX

This company was brought to British Food Allergy Awareness attention for its fantastic gluten free menu, if you have other food allergies on the main it states “Food Allergies and Intolerances Please ask a member of our staff about the ingredients of your meal when placing your order”. So nice to see a company taking food allergies seriously.

Menu in download

15/10/2020 Kraft Heinz

I had a reaction to a meal which only consisted of 3 items (anaphylactic symptoms), so I contacted each company on the 14/10/2020 late evening for elimination for which food caused the reaction. The next day I received a phone call, the lady on the phone wanted to know if I was ok from the reaction, she had put in all the necessary details to escalate the case to find the information I needed already but phoned about my health.
I found this absolutely brilliant, I felt respected and my welfare genuinely was of concern.

30/08/2020 The Martlets Aldwick Road Bognor Regis

Dear Sir, 

On the 30th August 2020 approximately 4.30pm, I visited The Martlets Aldwick Road Bognor Regis for a meal with my partner. My partner booked in advance and put on the booking that one of the guests is allergic to milk, tree nuts and peanuts, we believe it is only fair to give advance notice.  

Upon arriving we were told about the app and tablet for allergies but unfortunately the app was not functioning correctly, so it was not possible to order this way. I went up to the bar to order my meal I explained that I anaphylaxis and told the gentleman what I was allergic to, he made a note on the till but he also went to the kitchen to make sure that order was acknowledged for allergies. The chef came out to the table and rechecked the order and went through everything with me and explained that he would be using different utensils.   The food was served at by our waiter who came back to check everything was ok and if I was ok, another waitress checked on us and finally a lady from the kitchen came out to check about the vegan ice cream also came out later to check if I was ok.  

My anaphylaxis so severe that I must carry 2 EpiPen’s, 2x different antihistamines, steroids, and a Ventolin inhaler with me always.  

I thanked the staff and I also asked if the staff in the kitchen would be thanked for me, I explained if there was anything wrong I would know in 2 minutes so all the food was safe. The gentleman and lady at the bar asked questions about my condition which I was very happy to answer because more awareness of conditions like mine is educational to the staff, it also expands their learning curve and their willingness to understand.  

I am very aware people get nervous around people like myself because it is a huge responsibility to make sure I am safe while eating there and at the same time it is a risk for me to take the chance on a new establishment. I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff that made sure that my meal was safe and to all staff that made sure during my meal that I was ok, because staff like that helps to keep people like us with allergies safe and they done it with a respectful manner.  

Please pass on my gratitude,  

Thank you

20/08/2020 Costa Coffee Chichester Branch 69-70 East St

Dear Madam

On the 20th August 2020 (approximately 930 am) I attended your Chichester Branch 69-70 East St, for a soya latte as I am milk anaphylaxis.

I told the member of staff about my health condition and he passed the information onto his colleague. The second member of staff cleaned all the area, used separate utensils, and washed his hands before starting. The first member of staff (who I think was management) looked on to make sure everything was done correctly.

I would like to pass on my gratitude and praise because staff like that helps to keep people like us with allergies safe and he done it with a respectful manner.

Thank you

Dear ……..

Thank you for your recent email to ……… regarding our Costa store in Chichester East Street. …… has passed over your details and asked us respond to you.

It is always so gratifying to receive such positive feedback about one of our stores.  We will pass your wonderful comments onto the Area Manager to ensure that the store and its team members receive their well-deserved recognition.

We do appreciate you taking the time to contact us, and we look forward to welcoming you back to Costa in the very near future.

Kind regards

Costa Executive Complaints


19/08/2020 Costco Southampton

Dear Sir

On the 19th August 2020 I attended your Southampton Costco Warehouse, as new member this was the first time I had been to this location.

I was by the milk department and 4 gentlemen in trouser and shirts with Costco badges on came around from the back, at this point I approached them. I explained that I am milk anaphylaxis that I had no gloves with me to handle the milk and the person I was with was further up the store. I asked if one of them would be kind enough to carry the milk to the trolley where my companion was as they were going that direction. Unfortunately, I did not manage to get the gentleman’s name, he was very obliging and understanding and as we walked, he asked about my condition, how it affected me? What I could not have? The gentleman put the milk into the trolley, I said thank you and he caught his colleagues up.

Touching milk will cause cross contamination and this can bring on anaphylactic symptoms for me so by him doing this saved me having a serious reaction.

I would like to pass on my gratitude and praise because people like himself helps to keep people like us with allergies safe and he done it with a respectful and enquiring manner.

Thank you

11/08/2020 Butterley Park Cookhouse + Pub Ripley

I recently visited Butterley Park Cookhouse + Pub Ripley for a breakfast, 11th August 2020.

I am milk anaphylaxis and upon arriving I told the staff this because I think it is fair that staff know in advance.

The young lady who was serving me was polite and understanding, but what really stood out, when I tell people about my condition they either become uncomfortable, nervous or fearful, this young lady she treated me normally and came over very confident.

I want to take this time to say Thank you for making me feel safe during my meal, service like this makes a huge difference to people with life threatening conditions.

I already spoke to the manger the time, so he is aware of the member of staff, but I feel she needs recognition from Head Office.

Please pass on my gratitude to this member of staff,

Thank you

07/08/2020 Costa Coffee Cherwell Valley Services Area, Junction 10, M40

Praiseworthy email sent I recently visited Costa coffee Cherwell Valley Services Area on 7th August 2020 approximately 10pm.I am milk anaphylaxis and I told the staff this because I think its fair that staff know in advance. I was treated with upmost respect by the gentleman member of staff, he cleaned and sterilised the equipment. I want to take this time to say Thank you for making me feel safe during my coffee break, service like this makes a huge difference to people with life threatening conditions.
Please pass on my gratitude to the member of staff,

Thank you

07/08/2020 Bridgewater Arms Harmer Hill Shrewsbury

I recently visited Bridgewater Arms for a meal, 7th August 2020.

I am milk, tree nut and peanut anaphylaxis and upon arriving I told the staff this because I think its fair that staff know in advance.

I was treated with upmost respect and the staff was conscientious from waiting staff, management and right through to kitchen staff.

I want to take this time to say Thank you for making me feel safe during my meal, service like this makes a huge difference to people with life threatening conditions.

Please pass on my gratitude to all staff,

Thank you

Dear …….,

Thank you for your recent email sent to ……….

…….. was very pleased to read your comments and we have forwarded your email to………, Managing Director of Restaurants, so he is aware of your feedback and can ensure that the team at The Bridgewater Arms are recognised.

It is always encouraging to receive positive feedback so thank you for taking the time and trouble to contact us.

Yours sincerely,


PA to Chief Executive

Whitbread PLC

07/08/2020 Castleford Premier Inn

I recently stayed at Castleford Premier Inn, Wednesday 5th August until the morning of 6th August 2020.

I am milk, tree nut and peanut anaphylaxis and upon arriving I told the staff this because I think its fair that staff know in advance.

I was treated with upmost respect and the staff was conscientious from reception, waiting staff and right through to kitchen staff.

I want to take this time to say Thank you for making me feel safe during my stay, service like this makes a huge difference to people with life threatening conditions.

Please pass on my gratitude to all staff,

Thank you

03/08/2020 Tesco Chichester

I am milk anaphylaxis; I was picking up milk for a disabled person but forgot my gloves so that I do not become seriously ill or hospitalised. There was a lady called …. by the milk department (member of Chichester Tesco team). I asked the lady if she could help me, I explained my health condition and about my gloves. The lady picked up the milk, allowed me to scan it without touching it then she placed into a bag for me. The lady was respectful, understanding and extremely helpful. Staff like …. keeps me out of hospital, Thank you

31/07/2020 Tesco Product

Although it is our responsiblity to check labels every time we buy a product I must admit I was very pleased to see Allergy Update logo on Ms Molly’s Tesco range

10/07/2020 Lazy Days Foods

I had a bit of a reaction today and I needed to eliminate what triggered it – I phoned the company left a message an in a short space of time I got a phone call back. Discussed my questions about ingredients and the possibility of cross contamination, left the phone call feeling respected, supported and genuine care for my health.

09/06/2020 Costa Coffee Selsey

Staff sterilised equipment and was respectful.

Good Afternoon

Thank you for your email regarding your recent Costa Coffee Experience.

It is always very rewarding to receive positive feedback about our teams. Please be assured all feedback is shared with our team members as well as their Area Manager and Director who will recognise their efforts personally.

Thank you once again for taking the time to get in touch, we know the team member will be delighted to receive your comments.

Kind Regards

Customer Services

01/04/2020 One Stop Chichester

12/03/2020 Coop Tangmere

12/03/2020 Crossbush Beefeater Arundel

Beefeater Crossbush manager came out discussed the menu and said if I wanted anything they can change the menu for me – cutlery on table taken away new sanitised cutlery given _- all plates were sanitised and my food cooked separately in a separate kitchen and finally meal only handled by chef and manager – change over management was introduced and the handover was taken

Thanks for taking the time to get in touch after your recent visit at Crossbush Beefeater (UK).

It is always great to receive positive feedback, our team do work hard to look after our guests. I know they will be delighted to hear your comments.

I am glad that your dietary requirements were dealt with correctly and the members of the team kept you informed about all the relevant details regarding how your meal is going to be cooked in order to make sure that you enjoy your food and have a relaxing time while dining with us.

Thanks again for sharing your experience with us and we look forward to welcoming you on your Birthday.

For more information on how we process your data, please see our brand website. 

Kind regards,

Guest Relations Advisor

08/03/2020 All Saints Church Portsmouth

06/03/2020 Subway Chichester

06/03/2020 Harvester Rowlands Castle

05/03/2020 Cosmo Southampton

22/02/2020 Pantruthyn Farm Table Table

Absolutely fantastic – I am milk anaphylaxis and been so looked after and felt completely safe – from management, chef and Sian thank you so much x even given my own milk and fresh from contamination

TripAdvisor and sent to management

12/02/20200 Gourmet Burger Kitchen Southampton (Unit 1B, Arts Complex, Southampton SO14 7DU)

Very understanding, treated respected. Food arrived had a allergy stick on so that you know its correct and goes to the correct person.

Response from company

Left feedback but heard nothing so hoping it goes back to the staff to show gratitude

08/11/2019 Toby Restaurant Goring

In June, this year I was rushed into resus and found out I became milk anaphylaxis, so you can imagine everything changed. Today the manager … was caring, respectful and brought out the Chef … out to me. ….. cooked my vegetables separately and looked after the plate to make sure I did not have any contamination. Our waitress ….. pointed out deserts I could have next time. I felt reassured, respected, safe and this made my visit and meal excellent without any fear of becoming ill.

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