Report Food Crime

Food crime can include situations where:

  • Food or drink has been deliberately adulterated or substituted
  • Companies or businesses sell items of food or drink which falsely purport to be of a certain quality, deliver health benefits or claim to be from a specific place or region
  • The freshness of food or drink is deliberately mispresented by altering labels, packaging or the appearance of a product
  • Products which are dangerous for human consumption are presented to consumers as suitable to eat or drink

If you have concerns or suspicions about food crime, get in touch by the links and emails below.

  • By email at
  • By calling 0207 276 8787. Food Crime Confidential operates during normal office hours (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm).
  • Via the Food Crime web form at

Source Text Food Authenticity Network

The National Food Crime Unit

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