Street Food Venders And Mobile Food Vendors

  1. Please be advised there will be times these vendors will be terribly busy and cross contamination/ cross contact might be high.
  2. Staff might be casual labour and allergen training might not be given.
  3. Due to lack of storage, cross contamination/ cross contact might be high.
  4. Utensils might be used on several different dishes.
  5. Allergen booklets or lists you may have to ask for, so eating when busy, you might have to queue for information, then re queue to order.
  6. At peak times cleaning of equipment for allergies might not be possible.
  7. At peak times they might not be able to modify foods.
  8. During peak times you may not be able to look at ingredients on packets.

See also Eating out guides.

Prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) allergen labelling changes for mobile sellers and street food vendors FSA


Information given is to be used with individual’s discretion they are responsible for their safety; this information is not to be on its own solely and always seek medical advice.

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