You might be considering a takeaway, for safety there a several things to think of before, during and delivery of your food.

If you have a reaction, stop eating, seek medical advice immediately, use adrenaline auto-injector if required.

  1. If you are ordering via directly and using an online delivery service phone the takeaway/restaurant directly straight away after ordering.
  2. If using a delivery company phone takeaway straight away to make sure they have the allergen information
  3. Look online for allergen information.
  4. If have a menu at home, make sure it is up to date.
  5. Look for reviews to see if safe, but please remember there are some fake reviews online.
  6. Know what you can have but check ingredients with takeaway.
  7. Alcohol can change your judgement and can cause you to be less cautious, think about ordering food when alcohol has not been consumed, also alcohol can cause a more severe reaction.
  8. Be aware of styles of takeaways you can have e.g., peanuts and Asian cuisine.
  9. If you feel your allergies are not being understood, do not order, and try somewhere else.
  10. Recheck with the takeaway several times about your allergies.
  11. See food law pictures below.
  12. Ask the takeaway if they can cater for your allergy.
  13. Ask if there is visual allergen information.
  14. Always ask to speak to chef or manager about your allergies.
  15. Ask for the name of the person you spoke to – this is important if anything goes wrong.
  16. If you have a reaction, stop eating, seek medical advice immediately, use adrenaline auto-injector if required.
  17. If had a reaction once well enough to do so keep food, freeze, and report to Food Standards Agency – include information, takeaway details, date, time of order, who you spoke to, and that you have a sample of the food. Link below.
  18. Think about cross contamination and ask how the takeaway prevents this.
  19. If spoken to the manager or member of staff ask how the information is conveyed to the chef, can it be presented to the chef in written form.
  20. If you think the meal is not safe, do not eat.
  21. Your food should be labelled and kept in separate bags on delivery.
  22. The delivery driver should answer any questions you have about your order if you are concerned get them to phone through to find out the information and reassurance you need.
  23. Even if you have ordered from the same takeaway before always asks about ingredients as these can change, always give allergy details so this way it is not forgotten or if different staff on then the information is given to the chef.
Food Standards Agency
Food Standards Agency
Food Standards Agency

Prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) allergen labelling changes for fast food and takeaway restaurants (PPDS) FSA


Report Food Standards Agency


What food allergy is and what allergen information food businesses must provide to you. Food Standards Agency


Allergy information and fast-food takeaways Royal Society for Public Health

These lists are guidance only, and not fully extensive, people are advised that it is the responsibility of the individual when using this information.

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