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HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Food Standards Agency

Trading Standards Enforcement Officer

Thank you for the work you do and for helping people with allergies.

Feedback form Asda via email

On behalf of everyone at Asda, thank you for what you’re doing to continue raising awareness of the importance of allergy support.

Best wishes,

Asda’s Community team

Koin Limited

Noting your correspondence, it is clear you are a specialist in your field and you have amazing knowledge within this industry. Please be assured we take on board all your feedback and of course what you have advised is very important.

With the above said, I would like to ask whether you would be interested in working with us on this matter, so we are able to ensure we are providing an appropriate treat to our customers.

T&T Fruits

Millers Larder

Via Instagram

I also thought the comment on “illness” for this recall was utterly ridiculous and very ignorant. It may cause severe and life threatening reactions is what it should have said. Thank you for writing to them!

(Waitrose recall dismissive nut statement)

Natasha’s Foundation

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……. has gone off to preschool today. It is a worry with the allergies and anaphylactic reactions, but they’ve been wonderful, doing the allergy plan and getting more thorough allergy and epi-pen training.
@Anaphylaxiscoms @AllergiesBFAA @AllergyUK1
thanks for the advice x

“Thank you so much. I chased it up and as this is the second time for anaphylactic reaction but with the other allergen this time, they’ve agreed to give an EpiPen and an asthma preventer pump. Really appreciate your help x”

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“All my word thank you for all this information”

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