Theme Parks UK

A great day out for the family, while staying safe.

  1. Check beforehand on website for food allergy policy, and their food outlets.
  2. In the restaurants onsite, speak to staff about your allergies.
  3. Ask for an allergen menu.
  4. If in doubt take your own food.
  5. Ask beforehand if dining in restaurant if it is okay to bring allergen free food in, to consume at table with other paying guests.
  6. Inform security or bag checkers that you have adrenaline auto-injectors, antihistamines, and asthma medications with you.
  7. Always check foods, and allergen menus as they can be changed regularly.
  8. Check to see if there is an App, they may have allergen menus on it, but always check food with staff before eating.
  9. Speak to guest relations service, ask if an emergency happens, who do you need to approach to get the help you need?
  10. Check the park map and be familiarised of the first aid locations/points are.
  11. Some parks have disclaimers of cross contamination and traces policies, check on website or contact before going to park, to check their policy.
  12. The parks restaurants and kiosks can get remarkably busy, try to eat not at peak dining times. By not eating at peak times, it gives you time to look at allergen menu without feeling under pressure, also mistakes are less likely to occur at quieter times.
  13. Ask if food is cooked in separate area to avoid cross contamination, also asked if food cooked on or in same apparatus e.g., chips in fryer that cooked onion rings.
  14. Some theme parks do not have any information on their website, it is prudent to contact them 2 weeks before visiting to obtain the information you need.
  15. If you are going on your own, some rides will not allow personal belongings on. Ask if your pens can go on with you, if not where will they be and will they be safe.
  16. Join social media groups for allergies and ask questions.
  17. Keep medications in waterproof bag e.g., a resealable zip bag.

Contacts for dietary requirements – best to contact 14 days before visiting.
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This information is only given as guidance and not extensive. Information to be used at individual’s responsibility.  Always seek medical advice.

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