Travelling Public Transport

Coach, train, bus, Ferry, Taxi

Some information for longer journeys

  1. Wear medical ID.
  2. Always travel with your adrenaline auto-injectors, medication, and action plan.
  3. Be prepared for the unexpected.
  4. Check if your adrenaline auto-injectors are in date and any other medication is in date too.
  5. Travel with hand sanitiser and wet wipes, this is if you cannot wash hands or need to clean a surface that you are not certain of.
  6. If you have asthma, have an asthma review before travelling.
  7. Speak to doctor before leaving for your holiday about how many adrenaline auto- injectors they think you might need.
  8. Take adrenaline auto-injectors in insulated bag so when on holiday the temperature does not affect it.
  9. Take your own travel pillow and blanket if required as you will know this has not been cross contaminated in any way.
  10. Check if your adrenaline auto-injectors are in date and any other medication is in date too.
  11. If you or your child is going in a group of people then you or your child be with people either side of you, that way you are less likely to have someone next to you that could cause cross contamination.
  12. Do the people who are travelling with you know about your allergies, symptoms, and treatment, if needed get a free pen trainer from the company of your adrenaline auto-injector so you can teach the people traveling with you. Links for free trainer pens below. Adrenaline Auto-Injector
  13. Have an ICE contact on your phone see links below.
  14. When travelling with a child’s feed make sure you have enough for the entire trip as you may not be able to get what their require at your destination.
  15. Take your own snacks and make sure you got some on the way home.
  16. Join social media groups for allergies and ask questions.

If travelling by cruise ship or airplane see these guides

Medical ID ICE Android Google App Store

Medical ID ICE Apple Google App Store

This information is only given as guidance and not extensive. Information to be used at individual’s responsibility. Always seek medical advice.

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