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  • Just because it does not have gluten does not mean it Dairy/ Egg or allergen free 🙈,
  • Dairy is Butter, Milk, chocolate, Yogurt, Cheese I know mind blowing stuff here 🤯,
  • Allergies isn’t a upset stomach, Anaphylaxis can and has resulted in death.
  • Adrenaline pen should be on all flights and in ever defibrillator box in the country!
  • Allergy awareness should be roll out to creche, preschool and primary school (food exclusion happens every week in school) food treats should be in school.
  • Better training for school, currently there is a free epi pen training for teacher only!! Yet its SNA who are Administered the epi.
  • IEP or emergency plan streamline across the country!! Indemnity letters very confusing, refusing a child for allergies is very unfair.
  • Allergy needs to be recognised as disability.
  • Providing pens in public places and training for teachers, sport trainers, etc
  • People in the medical profession, especially GPs and PHN, need more training in allergies.
  • Nut allergies are not the only ones that are fatal, dairy allergies, egg allergies etc can all be fatal. Any allergy needing an EpiPen are fatal. (I know adrenaline pens are the proper names, but a lot of the public do not realise this).
  • Allergies/reactions can change over time – previous reaction is no indication of severity of next reaction.
  • If it is gluten free it can still have wheat starch and WILL make me ill.
  • Gluten and wheat are NOT the same.
  • That we do not mistrust catering companies or restaurants so on, it is because it takes a lot of confidence to eat out and we question not to be awkward, but we need them to instil confidence in us that they convey their training and knowledge.

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